Self-sustaining Terrariums & Moss Panels bring nature closer to you.

Why do you need our terrariums?

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Not only are they self-sustaining, low maintenance and affordable, but they’re also minimalist and innovative additions to any home, apartment, or office. They add colorful and vibrant energy to your space. Our terrariums and Moss Panels are beautiful, versatile and they come with a variety of décor themes.

So the question is: what are you waiting for?

In-person/In-office Workshops

Closed or Open terrarium concept and Moss Paneling Workshops. Unique, sustainable and memorable experience.

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Corporate Events

Activation Brands, Seasonal Collections, Corporate and sustainable giveaways.

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Moss Panels - Maintenance Free

No water required - Only Indirect Sunlight

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Low-maintenance, Easy-Care, Pet-Friendly

Hand Crafted in Brooklyn, NYC

Our terrariums:

Unique design since 1984

100% made in USA

-75% water consumption

Up to 40% recycled materials

Less carbon fingerprint

Positive community impact

5 Stars Customer Satisfaction