Our story

Caracas, Venezuela 1984

More than 30 years of expertise

Terrart was born in Caracas, Venezuela, an idea developed during the mid-1980s. It was initially a small family-run business giving family and friends a unique present. Then it expanded to become a new concept of interior design inspired by nature: mini gardens in bottles.

Our Mission in NYC

Charly Uzcategui is an Engineer specialized in Geosciences who grew up surrounded by plants and natural enviroments.

His drive and passion for terrariums and plants come from his parents who have been creating these beautiful and sustainable arrangements for more than 30 years.

Charly decided to bring his family heritage and expertise to New York City by combining his engineering drive with his love for plants, resulting in this marvelous project called Terrart NYC.

Along with his team, Yuvey Timothy, Henger & Alberto, he is taking these terrariums to the next level by providing unique plant décor ideas and solutions for residential, commercial, and office spaces, integrating an ecological, artistic and affordable concept.

As an alternative to conventional gardens, for people seeking to stay connected to mother nature through these mini-worlds.