In-Office Workshops

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Choose between Open Terrarium, closed terrarium, or moss wall.

Explore ways to incorporate nature into your home or find a special gift for a plant enthusiast. Gain knowledge in creating your own miniature world in this in-person class.

Open Terrariums

Unleash your creativity at our in-office or in-person terrarium workshop where you'll find open terrariums showcasing succulents, air plants, and tropical plants.

Closed Terrariums

Explore closed ecosystems with miniature tropical plants, and experience our maintenance-free Moss wall class!

Moss Wall Workshops

Using preserved moss, our maintenance-free walls bring the beauty of nature indoors and stay vibrant for years. Unleash your artistic side and join us at Terrart NYC for a tranquil and eco-conscious moss wall experience.

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Stylish Terrarium Workshop

We are partners with ClassBento where you can book you Terrarium workshop class in NYC.

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DIY Terrarium Kit

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Step by Step Making a terrarium

Below you will see 8 easy steps to make your own creation.